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The Stories Between Us

Feb 23, 2022

Today we're talking about the value of work done in secret. Is there any? What if the things we do never see the light of day? 

We also talk about some new things we're up to, namely Maile's blog and Shawn's video journal of the novel he's currently writing. Check out the links for those below.

Maile's Blog:

Feb 15, 2022

Today we talk with cozy mystery author Andi Cumbo-Floyd about the major twists and turns her writing life has taken in the last few years, the difference between cozy mysteries and regular old mysteries, and who some of her favorite mystery writers are. Attention indie authors! Andi is a good guide.

Mentioned in the...

Feb 8, 2022

Today we talk with Christie Purifoy about west Texas, gardening, writing, and the most difficult plant she's ever dealt with. She also answers the nearly impossible question: if she had to give up writing or gardening, which would go?