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The Stories Between Us

Feb 28, 2023

Why do I keep writing? When all of my greatest writing dreams and goals remain unfulfilled, why not call it a day and spend my time on something curling, perhaps?

Today Maile and I talk about a weekend spent with some of our favorite writer friends and how it feels to realize the first 30,000 words of a...

Feb 20, 2023

How does a poet become a poet? Here is one of the many roads available, and it's shared by extraordinary poet Malcolm Guite: deciding to be a poet as a young man, then becoming a teacher, then a priest, where for seven years he didn't write poetry. Then burnout. And a bishop who told him to take a sabbatical. 

We offer...

Feb 15, 2023

Today we talk with Jen Pollock Michel about our experience of time: the anxieties, the passing of it, the keeping of it, and so much more. In a world and a life where time feels like a scarce resource, how can we find peace in the time we're given? Is productivity really the only grid for the good life?

Find out more...

Feb 6, 2023

Why do we stop asking questions? What's the relationship between curiosity and silence? 

Lore Wilbert is one of the most thoughtful writers I know. Today, she talks about the importance of asking (and receiving) honest questions, her relationship with social media, and how she's changed as a writer since her first...