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The Stories Between Us

May 16, 2023

Today we talk with Kate Motaung about the emotional investment of writing a memoir, why she's chosen to self-publish a few of her books, and red flags that might lead her to encourage someone not to least not yet. 

Kate really is a wise and encouraging voice in the publishing world. 

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May 8, 2023

Today we're talking with Jennifer Grant, author of the best-selling children's book, Maybe God is Like That Too and Finding Calm in Nature. She talks about all the anxiety kids live with these days--division, sorrow, and loss--and the healing and soothing power of nature. 

May 2, 2023

"If I'm not able to make a living by I quit writing?"

Today, in the second part of our conversation with Douglas McKelvey, we explore the idea of writing only for the money . . . and how that can quickly go sideways. We also talk about how, when he ended up doing small side jobs just to pay the bills, he...